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Table of Contents

High Bandwidth Network Switching

FDDI - History

FDDI - Introduction

FDDI Topology

Signal Encoding

4b/5b Encoding

FDDI - Clock variation

FDDI - Elasticity buffer and smoother function

FDDI - Physical layer model of station node

The Impact of Integrated Circuits


Growth of CPU - Network performance mismatch

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Network Protocols

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TCP/IP versus OSI - ISO reference model

Automatic Repeat Algorithm

Sliding Window

Internetworking (the creation of a network of networks)

The IP datagram

Fragmentation and Reassembly

Fragmentation and Reassembly header format

CSMA/CD Ethernet

Ethernet Frame Format

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Ethernet Transmitter Algorithm

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Case Study: Gigabit Ethernet

IEEE 802.3z - The Gigabit Ethernet Standard

Functional elements of Gigabit Ethernet technology


1000 Mb/s repeater set

Parameterized Values

Carrier extension concept

Carrier extension impact on data throughput

Gigabit Ethernet Buffered Repeater Full Duplex Implementation

Gigabit Ethernet Backbone Implementation

Quality of Service

University of Southern California Main Campus

Current USC Production Network Configuration

Evolving USC Network Usage

Current USC Router Configuration

USC Building Configuration Phase 1

USC Public Facilities Phase 1

Phase 1 Campus Configuration

USC Phase 2 Configuration

USC Phase 1 Plan (Summer 1997)

USC Phase 1 Plan (Fall 1997)

USC Phase 2 Plan

USC Dialup Pool

Beyond Gigabit Ethernet

Workgroups supported by networked multiple low-cost end-systems

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POLO Network Technologies

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High Bandwidth Network Applications

Networked collaborative CAD applications

JPEG compression artifacts

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440FX PCI Chipset System Block Diagram

PCI controller bottleneck

SGI scaleable cluster and workgroup solution

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