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Table of Contents

The Telephone Legacy

History - Wireless and Telegram

Wireless Today - Network Growth

World-wide wireless suppliers and subscribers

The Invention of the Telephone

William Gray and the Pay Telephone

The Telephone System

Public and Private Networks

The Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs)

Example - Student Calling Home

Dedicated and Switched Services

Digital Services

T1 Digital Service

Frame Relay

Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)

Growth in SONET Transmission Equipment Market

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

ATM strengths

Virtual Circuit Switching

Quality of Service

ATM Adaptation Layers

ATM and ISO - OSI Reference Model

Network Signaling Rates

Undersea Telegraphic Cable

Undersea Telephone Cable

New Fiber-Optic Technologies

Submarine Cable: TAT-12/13

TAT-12/13 as a Revenue Source

The Trans-Pacific Cable TPC-5

Future Fiber-Optic Networks

Recent Telecommunication Corporation News

Laser Diodes

Optical Signaling

Gb/s Eye Diagram of VCSEL

Laser Diode Eye Safety

Silica Glass Fiber

SM and MM Glass Fiber

Fiber Connectors

Building Wiring and Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Technology

Wavelength Dependence of Attenuation

Standard Attenuation Cells Example: Corning 62.5/125 CPC3 Multi-Mode Fiber

Chromatic Dispersion

Limitations of NRZ transmission using SM Fiber

Example of Signal Degradation

Modal Dispersion

Standard MM Bandwidth Cells Example: Corning 62.5/125 CPC3 Multi-Mode Fiber

Broadband over Copper Wires

ADSL Modulation

Future Metropolitan Networks

Multimedia needs

Quality of Service

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