Advanced Electronic and Photonic Technology

Adaptive Quantum Design

Broken symmetry and new degrees of freedom in nanoscale systems enable novel non-intuitive optimized functionality. more

Microdisk lasers

Reducing size (scaling) of laser diodes is important for future integrated photonic circuits. Novel scaled devices we are exploring include the whispering gallery mode microdisk laser. New system functions and architectures are possible using advanced photonics technologies. more

Microphotonic RF receiver

Active microphotonic components may be used to create a new type of RF receiver for mm-wave mobile communication applications. Our research program, which is funded by NSF, NASA, and DARPA, experimentally demonstrates key components and subsystems which enable this capability. more


Future computer systems will increasingly use optical interconnects to provide ultra-high data bandwidth density to and from the processor. more

Archived projects

Projects which have come to completion. more